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     SOILS 2009

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Soil Health: Preserving Sources for Sustainable Agriculture

13-15 April 2009

Kuala Terenganu, Terengganu


Soil health describes the capacity of a soil to be used productively without adversely affecting its future productivity, the ecosystem or the environment. It emphasizes on the integration of physical, chemical and biological soil properties for the purpose of sustainable agricultural management. A healthy soil will be balanced for all three components. In order to make interpretations of the health of a soil, the various processes and function need to be assessed through meaningful indicators.

 Soil health has recently captured the attention of many researchers as soil degradation from intensive cultivation, mechanization, limited crop rotations, and lack of organic matter additions have reduced yield potential. This has often led to increased soil compaction, erosion, greater pest problems, and reduced crop productivity. To date, our knowledge on soil health concept that deals with the integration and optimization of the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil for improved productivity is scarce. The SOILS 2009 conference provides an ideal platform to discuss issues on various aspects of soil health.  It is envisaged that this conference will also act as a forum to promote and strengthen cooperation and networking amongst the researchers and experts for for sustainable agriculture production.


  • To provide a forum for discussion, exchange of ideas and information on the latest R&D on soil health.
  • To discuss issues in sustaining soil fertility through soil health indicators.
  • To provide direction for organized research activities on soil, and promote inter-disciplinary and inter-agency networking towards sustaining the soil ecosystem.
  • Identify critical soil health problems currently reducing soil fertility
  • To provide meaningful soil quality assessment and management to complement existing soil testing.
  • To provide perspective under a range of soil health conditions and  overview of the concept of soil health


  • Issues and challenges in sustaining soil fertility/quality
  • New developments in soil health indicator
  • Improvement  on agricultural production and productivity
  • increase the bio-conversion of organic wastes into soil management products
  • minimize soil degradation and other soil constraints to agriculture
  • Any research related on soil chemistry, soil physic  and soil microbiology
  • Issues on soil constraints and soil quality

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