Bintulu is the best place to chill out and relax when you stepped foot in Sarawak. It is a major industrial centre and will soon, turn into a capital of energy - intensive industries in Malaysia. There are quite a number of hotspots that are very popular among tourists in every corner of the world. These places are inclusive of Similajau National Park, Taman Tumbina, Temasya Beach (Tanjung Batu) just to name a few.

Similajau National Park

Similajau National Park showcases the unique geographical features of the Sarawak coastline north of Bintulu – a chain of golden sandy beaches, punctuated by small rocky headlands and jungle streams, and bordered by dense green forest. The 8,996 hectare park is at its best during the dry season (approximately February to October) when the emerald green waters are crystal clear and ideal for swimming. The park is very popular with locals at weekends. If you want to avoid the crowds, visit during the week when you are likely to have the park all to yourself.

Taman Tumbina Bintulu

Situated on a 36.4 hectares site at Tanjung Batu Coastal Reserve, four kilometres from the town centre, this park for flora and fauna is a source of living heritage with invaluable educational and recreational values. Its setting on a hill top overlooking the South China Sea and Bintulu Town is surely a sight to behold and not to be missed. Here you will be able to stroll through the gardens and walk-in aviary while feasting your eyes with a first hand view of the Hornbill (the State's Official bird), walk-in butterfly garden (Alam Klebar), the fearless eagles, the flamingoes, tigers in Borneo, crocodiles, pythons, - the list goes on. Enjoy the flora and fauna and feel the freshness of the environment.

Pantai Temasya: Tanjung Batu

A place to enjoy the sun, sea and sandy beaches and to have fun. An ideal spot for family and friends to gather and have a picnic or even camping, swimming and fishing. There are changing and wash rooms available for an additional comfort to your outing. Take a break from home cooking and have barbecue here, using the barbecue pits provided or just simply head to the food and drink stalls nearby - offering delicacies from “satay & rojak” to ice cream & coconut juice or just enjoy the sunset and sea breeze in your evening walk.

Pasar Utama Bintulu

Located at the hub of Bintulu Town, the Pasar Utama Bintulu is both a wet and fish market under one roof offering you a wide selection of fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and other dairy products. Food stalls are located on the first floor of Pasar Utama Bintulu providing various local dishes and delicacies such as laksa, mee jawa, pulut panggang or mee kolok and quench your thirst with ABC (ais batu campur), cendol, or kopi/teh tarik. Next door, is the Tamu Bintulu. It has all the local offerings from wild and jungle products to native "home-made" specialities. Both places, with unique cone-shaped roof reflecting "Bintulu Terendak" (headgear) let you to mingle and join the locals while shopping for your daily needs.

*The information provided is correct at the time of production.